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Our Mission

(1) Formation of self-help groups and Sakhi Mandals. Also to provide training and employment to women by creating employment by getting tenders from the corporation and state government for cleaning, labor work, garbage collecting etc. from the municipal corporation as well as the government.

(2) Will try to improve the standard of living of women in the society. Provisions from the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Helping widows, destitute women.

(3) Provide training in various craft industries such as computer, education classes, knitting, typing, shorthand etc. coming in the field of handicrafts.

(4) To carry out various projects to alleviate the problems of orphans, malnutrition and to open and maintain vocational training centers for children and women, educated unemployed, to speed up the process of family planning.

(5) To develop intellectual, moral, physical and sacraments as well as to spread public education through this organization.

(6) Educational Institutions for Educational Development such as Junior KG Senior KG, Primary School, Secondary School, Kindergarten, Anganwadi, Arts-Commerce, PT Colleges, Adult Education Classes, Ghodia Ghar, Night Education Classes , Technical Schools, Teaching Temples, Kumar, Girls Hostels, Ashram Schools, North Basic Ashram Schools, Military Schools etc. Establishing, running and maintaining and assisting institutions doing such activities.

(7) To provide free scholarships, books, etc. to the students studying without any discrimination on the basis of caste, to provide scholarships as well as to give prizes to the students, to help the students in need .

(8) To run computer education classes for the development of students and to impart computer education and training to the students.

(9) To open employment oriented training centers for the heavenly development of the student and to impart various types of training in such training centers and to publish publications related to it as well as to make definitions and efforts.

(10) To create awareness for every citizen to become educated and to make every effort to educate the masses.

(11) To organize seminars and programs for educational propaganda as well as to publish publications. To organize hiking tours, bicycle tours and adventure tours for educational advancement, to organize hiking tours for poor and needy women and to organize religious and intellectual awareness tours all over India and abroad at concessional rates.

(12) To give encouragement to the students and to give education to the students in the form of books, scholarships, free help for higher studies and to make efforts for education within the limits of the trust.

(13) To establish, operate and maintain sports centers and health centers for the promotion of sports activities. To teach the use of modern equipments for sports and physical development and to use them in a scientific way. Organizing nationally recognized sports and competitions, seminars and various sports, competitions.

(14) To establish and run a library for the heavenly development of the students as well as to run and maintain the magazine and its related activities.

(15) To carry out activities for the welfare of orphans or old women, exploited girls, widows, abandoned, destitute women etc.

(16) The Sadarhu Sanstha will carry out activities related to aging problems as well as activities like public welfare, running and administering old age homes.

(17) This institute will organize knowledge camps, lectures, lectures and gatherings for the propagation and dissemination of knowledge.

(18) Young men and women to organize knowledge camps at the international level as well as to write letters with the citizens of the country and abroad in knowledge, science, arts, crafts, music, literature, culture etc.

(19) To work for the physical and mental health of the people, mental rehabilitation and to organize yoga sadhana camps. To start, conduct and administer yoga training centers.

(20) To organize health diagnostic camps, conduct blood donation activities, arrange medical treatment as well as medicine at concessional rates, provide necessary guidance to the patients regarding prevention of malignant diseases. Do all necessary activities related to prevention and control of AIDS.

(21) To establish, operate and maintain hospitals, hospitals, nursing homes, consulting rooms, laboratory health centers etc. for the people of the society to maintain public health or to provide assistance and encouragement for such services and to establish and operate blood centers Stay tuned.

(22) To provide medical treatment and hygiene as well as awareness for the disease. Providing medical services of Ayurvedic doctors.

(23) The hospital will help the poor patients in cash or in some other way and the poor patients will buy medicine from the institution and thus help the patients to buy medicine and provide tiffin service to the needy. To carry out ash hygiene activities in all cities and rural areas of Gujarat with a view to health.

(24) To establish, maintain and distribute goods of Khadi Village Industries Board, Khadi Village Industries Commission approved industries.

(25) To undertake the task of providing drinking water in urban and rural areas and to present the project in this regard to the Government.

(26) To carry out sanitation programs through the Rural Development Agency and the Ministry of Rural Development and to obtain and run from the Government or other agencies.

(27) To plant more trees for the preservation of the environment, to carry out various programs of camps and nurseries and the Ministry of Forests, to carry out activities to maintain cleanliness in the cities of the entire state of Gujarat. To maintain cleanliness where there is no cleanliness.

(28) This institution shall be run by the Government’s cheap food shops, consumer stores, gas agency, kerosene agency as well as all other types of agencies and will be run on a cooperative basis.

(29) Will carry out natural calamities like drought, heavy rains, earthquakes as well as public service activities. As well as saving the animals at such times as well as arranging fodder for them.

(30) In order to remove injustice and atrocities against women, social gatherings will be organized to create awareness of the society and provide legal help.

(31) Awareness in the public about alcohol and other drugs will work to free the citizens from addiction.