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About Us

Organization Name: Human Power Trust

 Scope of work of the organization: The whole of India will be a country.

Human Power Trust is a non profit organization. The core purpose of our organization to help the children to get proper education they need so as to help them to built up better future for them and their families. We also help educate families in every way possible with their daily life chores so as to help them to gain benefits that are available for them.

Education is basic right of every child so that he/she can build up better life also it helps to empower an individual to become an responsible person. Educating a child also helps to sustain bright future of a country.

Human Power Trust also intend to help poor people to get the basic necessities of day to day life so as they can get the proper nutrition required on regular bases which will help to overcome nation’s problem of malnutrition. We are also engaged in activities to provide women empowerment by helping them with jobs to fulfill the needs of their families and educate them with the required knowledge for their sustainment as by educating a women you can educate the whole family.

Human Power Trust also encourages activity to set up blood donation camps, medical camps etc. we also inspire people to come forward and save our nature by planting more trees nurturing them and maintain cleanliness in the country.